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Photos (23〜25/7/2013)

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Nawaikama Hotspring Nawaikama hotspring monument
Nawaikama hotspring                    Nawaikama hotspring monument

FAD workshop FAD setting
FAD workshop                              FAD setting

Cooktop workshop
Cooktop workshop

JICA member, USP students, and Mie unit. staffand students just went to Gau Island from 20, August.
And we have dispatched the member, Mr Hamano.
And we added one file for the member's page.

JICA member and USP student joined our project just went to Gau Island from 23 to 25, July.
And we added one file  for the member's page.

1st research just finished

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Our research team went to Gau Island from 23, April to 25, April. We got the several information and discuss about this project with Island people. We hope that we will come here as soon as possible.

P1010039.JPG P1010145.JPG P1010187.JPG P1010200.JPG P1010272.JPG P1010106.JPG

Kick off meeting

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We opened kick off meeting at 19, April, 2013, on USP. We discuss about grand design of this project.


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