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The main aim of the project is to work with the coastal communities in Gau Island to articulate sustainable rural development. Through the project, support will be provided to allow coastal communities to contribute fully to improve their living standard while protecting the unique environmental conditions that are critical for their island. Sustainable rural development has not been achieved yet. In Gau, there is the opportunity to engage people to realise their development goals while maintaining the pristine conditions of the natural habitats that the people own.

Gau is predominantly in its natural form although the impacts of human existence and activities are evident in the coastal areas. The island is remote and the people are living semi-subsistence existence. The project will involve the people in the sustainable utilisation of the resources that are available in the island while preparing them for the challenges that they face such as the need for more resource utilisation, depleting resources and the debilitating effects of climate change and sea level rise.

Some of the project activities planned include the meaningful engagement of people in the improvement of the living conditions on Gau and the protection of the natural habitats that are unique to the place. To achieve the goal mentioned, a series of activities are planned to enhance the involvement of people in sustainable rural development activities. These development activities include the conduct of participatory, learning and action workshops and approaches such as regular follow up activities, applied research, promotion of new ideas, the integrated resource use methods and the promotion of alternative sources of livelihood.

The target of this intervention is the articulation of sustainable rural development in a remote and largely untouched natural surrounding in a highly representative island community. By laying out the basis for sustainable rural development that respects the natural environment, this project can offer useful lessons to places and countries in the Pacific Islands and beyond.

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